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Slave Girl Torture - Lesbian BDSM Video

Slave Girl Torture

Bedroom Bondage Video - Watch Here

This lesbian BDSM video features some hot slave girl torture as two kinky lesbians get down to some naughty bedroom bondage and torture sex. As you can see, the submissive partner has her ankles chained to the bedposts exposing her naked ass cheeks for a good whipping. Her strict Mistress wastes no time in setting to work with the whip and thrashes her ass until she can't take any more. But that's only the start of this slave girl's torture ordeal – there is plenty more to come and her Mistress will not relent until she has been thoroughly tortured and fucked to within an inch of her life.

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MILF Sex Slave Throat Fucked on Video

In this video a hot MIF sex slave is throat fucked by her husband in a humiliating outdoor sex scene. The guy forces his wife to strip naked on a public beach. She does as she is told and he places a studded collar round her neck and attaches a chain. He makes her go down on all fours and parades her around the beach like a dog on a lead.

After humiliating his hot MILF wife by walking her like a dog, the guy makes her kneel in front of him. He orders her to unfasten his pants and she obeys him instantly, releasing a long hard cock with an angry looking purple head. The stiff dick pops up right in front of her face and her husband slaps it across her cheeks a few times - holding her hair to prevent her from flinching away from him.

Wife Sex Slave

MILF Slave Throat Fucked - Click Here

After slapping her face with his rigid cock the husband takes hold of his wife's jaw in one hand, her hair is still grasped tightly in the other. Pulling them apart her forces her mouth open and pushes his cock deep into her throat. He holds it there just long enough for her to get used to it then begins to thrust it deep into the back of her neck. He throat fucks her like this until she is gagging and gasping for breath. He releases her for a couple of seconds then he grabs her head again and continues to throat fuck her hard and fast.

After ten minutes of relentless throat fucking the wife is almost delirious. Saliva is running down her chin in torrents and she is gasping for breath. The husband makes one last thrust into her throat - holding her head down over his cock so her lips are on the base of his shaft. He pumps his first spurt of cum right into the back of her throat then pulls out and releases the rest all over her pretty face.

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Lesbians Torture Slave Girl Outdoors

In this video two dominant lesbians torture a slave girl outdoors in a shocking hardcore BDSM scene. The slave gets whipped and gets her nipples and pussy tortured by the two dominant bitches that then hold her down and subject her to some forced full-weight facesitting. And that's just the start; this girl's torture sex ordeal is only just beginning...

Torture Slave

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When it comes to lesbian slave torture you will have to go a long way to find a better video than this. The camera work is superb and the intensity of the Mistress and slave relationship is incredible. The abuse given out by the two dominant women to the younger slave girl is awesome, they manage to push all her buttons and leave her in a humiliated mess.

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Female Nipple Torture Sex Video

Today's torture sex video involves female nipple torture, pussy torture and bondage and it's one of the hottest BDSM videos I've seen in ages. The scene involves two lesbians, one is an experienced domme and the other is new to the scene but appears to be a willing sub. The scene starts with the sub being made to strip naked and a collar and mask are fitted. She is then lead by her chain to a bench and made to bend over it. Her ankles and wrists are strapped so that she can't move, leaving her sexy butt sticking up in the air.

The mistress then takes a paddle and begins with some light spanking, testing her new slave's pain threshold and warming her up for what is to come. At this point you will probably thing this is going to be a fairly tame video but the action soon heats up as the spanking gets harder and the slave girl's buttocks get redder. The sub is already starting to look quite flustered by this time but seems determined to take whatever is dished out to her.

Torture Sex

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The action then moves to a bondage rack and pulley system where the slave is suspended upside-down with her legs spread. The mistress takes out some nipple clamps and the nipple torture begins. The sexy lesbian domme takes great pleasure in applying the clamps to the slave girl's nipples. She squeezes each nipple hard between thumb and forefinger (making the girl scream) and pulls it away from the tit. She then allows the clamp to snap shut on the nipple, causing an even louder scream to escape from the girl's lips. By the time the two clamps are in place, one on each nipple, the girl is already in tears but her nipple torture sex session is only just beginning.

As the session continues, the girl's nipples are tortured by the mistress pulling on the chain attached to the clamps. Each time the girl seems to be recovering, the chain is pulled again sending intense pain through her sensitive nips and causing yet another scream to be emitted. After several repeated pulls on the chain the mistress reaches up to feel the girl's pussy and you can immediately tell than she is soaking wet. Even from the video it is obvious that she is totally creamed up.

It seems that this newbie sub is extremely aroused by her first taste of torture sex and the domme decides to give her her first bound orgasm. She starts to rub the slave girl's clit really hard - at the same time pulling on the chain between her nipples. Amazingly, the girl reaches orgasm in just a few seconds. Almost as soon as the mistress starts to rub her clit the girl is screaming out loud as she has a shuddering orgasm that shakes her whole body. I've rarely seen a girl cum so hard just from nipple clamps and having her clit rubbed!

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Anal Torture Sex - Female Slave's Ass Fucked

Fancy a bit of anal torture sex? This female slave's ass gets fucked with a massive plastic cock that stretches her asshole to its limits in today's video. The slave is strapped to a bench and her legs are raised at the knees so that her ass is easily accessible. Her lesbian mistress then takes the big plastic cock and wets it a bit by pushing it hard into the slave's pussy. There is no warming her up here; it is just rammed straight into her with no lube. You can see the slave girl flinch and hear a muted squeal through the ball gag.

Anal Torture Sex

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Having wet the big cock a little by ramming it in the girl's cunt, it is time for the anal torture to begin. The mistress takes the cock and positions it at the entrance to the girl's asshole. With one hand she spreads the girl's ass cheeks and with the other she pushes the tip of the plastic dick against her puckered little ring. The girl's ass resists being stretched by this big tool but the mistress is determined it will go inside. She pushes harder and twists until the tip slips into the slaves stretched asshole.

The girl is in tears as the mistress begins a slow and steady fucking of her asshole. Eventually the pain seems to ease and the slave relaxes a little, only to have the cock rammed deeper which jolts her back to her world of pain. This mix of pleasure and pain continues until the girl is on the brink of orgasm. It is only then that the mistress decides to take pity on her and allow her to cum.

The mistress continues her steady thrusts into the slave girl's ass and uses her other hand to spank the girl's clit. With each spank of her clit and thrust of the cock in her ass the slave girl reaches new heights of ecstatic pain until, with a final thrust of the cock deep into her asshole, she explodes in a mind-blowing orgasm that leaves her whole body shaking and twitching for minutes afterwards.

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